Tour 8: Ravine of Azuaje



This hike starts in the "village of water": Firgas. This village has always been known for its healing springs. After visiting the old part of Firgas, we descend to the ravine of Azuaje. There we will visit the deserted bathhouse and its springs. As we walk upstream through the gorge, we are surrounded by lush vegetation which consists of remnants of the ancient laurel forests. Every once a while we will need to cross the creek. At a steep spot we have to pull ourselves up with the help of a rope. After about an hour we climb out of the gorge. That´s when we hit the trail called "camino al barranco de Guadeloupe". The whole area is invaded by local St. John's wort, which turns the valley yellow in spring and early summer.


Important information:


* all year long

* distance: 7,1 km

* circular hike

* level: easy

* ascent and descent: 300m

* you pick the day (it depends on availability)

* booking required

* private hike: just you and your family or friends

* the guide is a licensed guide, examined by the Canarian government and specialized in vulkanism, flora and history



1 pers.: 130,00 EUR

2 pers.: 170,00 EUR

3 pers.: 210,00 EUR

4 pers.: 250,00 EUR

5 pers.: 290,00 EUR

6 pers.: 330,00 EUR


Included in the price: transport, driver, guide, picnic, insurance, water and hiking poles.