Tour 8: Risco Caído: a world heritage site?



To be UNESCO or not to be UNESCO; that´s the question!


On the Canary Islands there are three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The National Park El Teide on Tenerife definitely takes the lead. Gran Canaria currently has none, but the island has a rough diamond in its treasury and is anxious to have it cut and polished by UNESCO. This rough diamond is a pre-Spanish cave complex called Risco Caído. It is a real architectural and astronomical highlight that can only be reached on foot. Anyone who wants to visit Risco Caído in its pure state before the masses pour in, should definitely take a change NOW. The most beautiful trail leads across the reservoir of Los Pérez, through the misty Tamadaba forest. In Lugarejos, this same trail turns into a zigzagging, spectacular donkey path which leads to the hidden site.


Important information:


* all year long

* distance: 11,5 km

* circular hike

* level: easy

* ascent and descent: 410m

* you pick the day (it depends on availability)

* booking required

* it´s a two hour drive to Risco Caído (two hours one way)

* private hike: just you and your family or friends

* we are not allowed to enter the caves but we visit the complex from the outside. The caves are closed to the public. A little further on, there are caves that we can enter.

* the guide is a licensed guide, examined by the Canarian government and specialized in vulkanism, flora and history




1 Pers.: 130,00 EUR

2 Pers.: 170,00 EUR

3 Pers.: 210,00 EUR

4 Pers.: 250,00 EUR

5 Pers.: 290,00 EUR

6 Pers.: 330,00 EUR


Included in the price: transport, driver, guide, picnic, insurance, water and hiking poles.