Guided hikes on Gran Canaria

Who are we?

Mogán Verde is a company of sustainable tourism that offers hiking trips on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria. 

Our competitive advantages are:
1) official guides, licensed by the Canary Government
2) information about the plant and animal world, as well as on the cultural heritage of the area, brought by an entertaining guide
3) our commitment to the environment, safety and quality leads to sustainability
4) small groups or private tours
5) our guides speak your native language

This compromise ensures the sustainability of our products and enables us to offer our products at a competitive price.

What do we do?

Mogán Verde aims to be a social, economic and environmental contribution to our community.

We hike in small groups and take you off the beaten track. 
We visit local restaurants, goat farms, wineries and museums outside the tourist areas. This stimulates the local economy and the guests become familiar with regional products.

We show the local flora and fauna, the geology and the cultural and ethnographical heritage of the municipality of Mogán. We share our knowledge and in doing so we contribute to the diversification of the tourist offer of Gran Canaria. In this way, the survival of the tourist resources of Mogán is secured.

Mogán Verde wants to give something back to the community in which it operates. That is why Mogán Verde invites all schools every year for a free hiking trip in order to experience their own municipality.

What do we care about?

We are concerned about the future of Gran Canaria, including its tourism resources.


Without sustainability there is no future.