El Camino De Santiago de Gran Canaria: Way of Saint-James

The Way of St. James is one of the most exciting and recommended routes to help discover the variety of landscapes that are hidden away around the interior of the island. A papal bull by Pope John 23rd in 1965 awarded the city of Gáldar the honor of celebrating St. James Holy Year with the same privileges enjoyed at Santiago de Compostela. There are more than 60 kilometres to walk along, set out in several stages with varying difficulty and length, separating the golden sands down at Maspalomas from the island’s first capital city in Gáldar, in a pilgrimage that takes walkers along a route through ravines and volcanoes.


1) Faro Maspalomas-Tunte:

26km, ascent 1125m, descent 430m (it can be split in 2 stages)


2) Tunte-Cruz de Tejeda:

15km, ascent 910m, descent 300m


3) Cruz de Tejeda- Gáldar:

21km, accent 300m, descent 1600m (it can be split in 2 stages)