Who are we?



My name is Sofie Hendrikx. I was born in Belgium. I have been living in Spain for our over more than 17 years, of which 13 years on the Canary Islands. Its inaccessible ravines, dramatic scenery and deserted villages will never stop fascinating me!


I have always been a hiking-passionate nature lover. This force, together with my love for the Canary Islands made me turn my hobby into my profession. In 2013 I participated in the state exams and I have been working as a licensed guide ever since. After having worked for several excursion companies as a freelancer, I decided to set up my own agency and organize hiking trips for tourists and locals.

My academic background allows me to immerse in different subjects, such as volcanism, flora, history and architecture. My experience as a teacher and entertainer turn every hike into a lively, cheerful, unforgettable and interesting experience!


Shall we hit the trail?