Tour 11: The colorful hinterland of Mogán


In Mogán´s hinterland, dry and barren cliffs contrast with lush palm groves, ancient villages and priceless tranquility. Here you will find a completely different world! With this hike we want you to get you to know the real Mogán and its "Moganeros". We start our hike in Mogán village where we first visit the old part of town.  We then hit the camino to Los Álmacigos: a precious neighborhood that dates back to 18th century. After a coffee stop on Veneguera´s church square, we hike downhill, through the ravine of Veneguera until we hit the hidden and almost disappeared trail that will lead us up to Cruz de San Antonio. During this tour; it´s all about colors. You will see marvelous fruit trees, colored rocks, bougainvillaea, palm trees and the Atlantic! When you get back to the hotel, you know that you have seen the real Mogán!



* from November until May

* distance: 11,5km

* ascent/ descent: 490m

* circular hike

* level: mid/high

* you pick your day (it depends on availability)

* a booking is required

* licensed guide with a solid knowledge of flora, history and vulcanism

* estimated driving time from: - Playa Del Inglés: 30min, -Puerto de Mogán: 10min



1-2 pers.: 250,00 EUR

3-4 pers.: 350,00 EUR

5-6 pers.: 450,00 EUR

7-8 pers.: 550,00 EUR

Special prices for bigger groups.

Included in the price: transport, licensed guide, picnic, insurance, picnic, water and hiking poles.